Congratulations to the company for winning the first Shenzhen Corporate Social Responsibility Star Enterprise

Since the establishment of Shenzhen Trusda Industrial Co., Ltd. on July 2, 2001, we have always adhered to the business philosophy of operating with integrity, respecting human rights, treating employees, protecting the environment, playing fair, caring for consumers, fighting corruption and promoting honesty, and returning to society. Provide excellent products and services to consumers around the world!

Today, with the efforts of the company's leaders and colleagues, the company successfully passed the Shenzhen corporate social responsibility star enterprise. Congratulations to the company for another honor!

In our hearts, it is a very glorious thing to win a socially responsible star enterprise. It is the society's demand for our company, the common aspiration of the company's employees, and the ardent hope of the broad masses of the people. For these reasons, for more than a decade, in the face of the complex and ever-changing economic situation, we are full of confidence and calm response; we have dreams and ambitions.

Without a harmonious society, there will be no successful businesses.
In the process of growing up, enterprises should repay the society in a timely manner and assume their social responsibilities.
It is necessary to have a correct sense of social responsibility and establish a corporate social responsibility strategy with long-term goals.