After sixteen years of hard work, it’s time to make progress!

July 1st - July 2nd, 2017 is a very unforgettable journey. On the 16th anniversary of the company's establishment, we set off for the beautiful scenery of Danxia Mountain. Every year, there will be too many laughter and Beautiful, carrying too many memories and commemorations....The wind and rain journey for sixteen years, and make great efforts to move the sky!

On the 16th anniversary of the company, the company also celebrated the birthday of the Trusda family on this birthday, watching the moment when colleagues blow the candles, the gratitude and happiness on their faces, and they are deeply The infection is gone.

Nanhua prays for the blessing of the six ancestral homes of Zen.
It is said that the three rounds around the Bodhi tree will be enlightened, so we all have a halo around~~~

Ready to climb the Danxia mountain peaks with unlimited scenery, stepping on the youthful footsteps, just under the sporadic rain, but can not stop the pace of our progress ~~~ happy in the heart...

The misty rain and the misty haze are like the fairyland. The strange and strange mountain steps, despite the steep and rugged, finally reach the top of the mountain, climb the peak and see the mountains.

Danxia on the water, the scenery is infinite, the sea of clouds, is a spectacle; although the journey is over, but from the smiles on everyone's face, it can be seen that the journey is really unforgettable, thanks to the company's welfare for everyone, a strong enterprise Culture, full of happiness.

All the way to you, to show the Huayu glory, work together, and create world glory;
In the same boat, let us celebrate the 16 years that the company has traveled together;
I wish the company a happy 16th birthday!