Blood donation free

On August 20, 2017, Trusda responded to the Shenzhen Chaoshan Chamber of Commerce and the Shenzhen Blood Center, and held the first Shenzhen Qianshang 1000 people's voluntary blood donation activity at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center as scheduled. The event has also become a new milestone in the history of blood donation in Shenzhen.

Since its inception, Trusda has consistently adhered to the enthusiasm and enthusiasm to create the excellent brand that everyone expects. In the charity cause, we have not forgotten our initial intentions and persistence. Therefore, Trudda employees have always been keen on charity and public welfare.

On the day of the blood donation, Trusda came to 48 employees, 45 people signed up for blood donation, and finally successfully donated 40 people, the total blood donation reached 15600 ml. Also because of a contribution from Trusda, this event refreshed the record of blood donation and blood donation in Shenzhen, and set the highest number of blood donations in Shenzhen on a single day. Trusda is also the company with the most blood donation in many group companies in this event. It is highly praised by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, the Chaoshan Chamber of Commerce and the Shenzhen Blood Center.

There is a saying in the old saying: "Where mortal is good, not self-respected and well-known" Chuangshida has experienced many years of wind and rain, with excellent core values and business philosophy, as well as social support, formed an influential high-tech in South China. In technology enterprises, in the process of making enterprises bigger and stronger, Trusda always pays attention to gratitude and return to society, always paying attention to people's livelihood and keen on charity.

The blood donation activity of the Qianshang 1000 people is only one of the stops of the Trusda public welfare journey. I believe that the future of Trusda will always extend the spirit of this great love to more, farther and wider places. Love and hope are spread to every place where it is needed.
Here, all employees of Trusda, thank the Shenzhen Chaoshan Chamber of Commerce and the Shenzhen Blood Center, and also express their heartfelt congratulations on the successful end of the first blood merchants' blood donation activities!