Love and heart, thanksgiving

On the evening of June 19, 2017, Sun Renmei, a cleansing worker of the Human Resources Department, had a serious car accident. On June 22, 2017, all staff of Trusda dedicated their love. The company organized a caring group and visited the hospital many times to visit Sun Renmei, and also donated a lot of love from the company.

After more than four months of rehabilitation, Sun Renmei’s eldest sister recovered her mental state to the state of the past. This morning, I brought my loved ones to the company to give the banner. Although the gift is only a banner, the eight characters on the banner, love and help, sincerely for the people, but condensed an employee's deep gratitude for the company's care for the employee and the grateful heart for the company.
It is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation to help the poor and to give love. It is also the corporate culture of Trusda, giving people a rose and a handful of fragrance. As the saying goes, one person is embarrassed, and the table is not happy. People, inevitably have difficulties, help and comfort them, is the obligation of each of us, is the joint responsibility of the whole company. Seeing that Sun Renmei’s elder sister has returned to her original position is the greatest reward for all the colleagues who have given their love.

I feel the warmth of the organization and the warmth of the family. The grandmother Sun Renmei does not forget to return the company. She still wants to take the injury and persist in her work. This friendship company will not forget it. She can only comfort Sun Shoumei’s sister, take good care of her, and be in good health. And come together to build a brilliant future for Trusda's tomorrow.
"Love helps, sincerely for the people", this banner is the simple feeling of the company of Sun Renmei's grateful enterprise, and it is the harmony of the company's caring staff.