Jinqiu Shuangshui Yidong Nanwan - Staff Fun Games

Jinqiu sent a cool, "Yidong South Bay"; care for friendship, group policy. The “Yidong Nanwan” Workers Fun Games organized by the Nanwan Federation of Trade Unions was held in the International Jewelry Park on the morning of November 11th. The athletes of Trusda participated in the event with great enthusiasm and achieved excellent results. Results.

This is the preparation of Trodda's athletes to prepare for the competition strategy and exercise method.

A well-organized coordinated movement, an impressive one-stop journey. Trusda "Sunshine Legion" is far ahead of the brothers team.

In the end, we won the championship with super energy, which proved that the Trusda sports team is "different" collaborative spirit.

Happy jumping, happy and happy! The event ends in laughter and laughter. Trusda's "sports athletes" not only harvest glory and achievements, but also let the collective power quietly shine in the infinite happiness, more "elite athletes" will condense under this aura, to create More and more brilliant achievements, to create a better "home" for Trusda's happier.