Precision Poverty Alleviation, National Unity

At 15 o'clock on the afternoon of November 14, the "2017 First Shenzhen Enterprise Aid to Help the Poverty Alleviation Charity Launching Ceremony" jointly sponsored by Shenzhen Guan Ai Action Charity Foundation and Tianjingsha Zhisha Poverty Alleviation Fund was held in Shenzhen Civic Center.

With the theme of “Practicing Green Development and Promoting Accurate Poverty Alleviation”, the event fully responded to the national “Precision Poverty Alleviation” call. The leaders of Kashgar and Shenzhen participated in the participation of the majority of love entrepreneurs in Shenzhen. As the representative of Shenzhen entrepreneurs, Mr. Zhou Hanpeng, the chairman of Shenzhen Trusda Industrial Co., Ltd., was honored to be invited to attend the event.

At the meeting, Chairman Zhou Hanpeng delivered a speech: "Today's Genesis is still very small, and the contribution to the society is negligible, but the heart of giving back to the society is always the same. I firmly believe that as long as "everyone's charity is in the heart, desert I am willing to become an oasis. I am willing to join hands with people from all walks of life to participate in the precise poverty alleviation led by the municipal government and contribute to the overall well-off goal proposed by the party's 19th National Congress!"

All along, we insist on doing social enterprise as our own responsibility, and strive to build a corporate culture of people-oriented and public welfare in our hearts. We often participate in social welfare undertakings and disaster relief activities, and make great contributions to social employment and social welfare. The municipal government's aid to the public welfare bank once again sent Trusda's love to the northwestern border of the motherland.

Today's Kashgar region has vast deserts, scattered sands, and a large number of poor people. May our love be turned into a green hope, and the people of the borders will live together to shelter the border people and create a desert oasis!