Trusda is included in the Shenzhen Science and Technology Yearbook

"Shenzhen Science and Technology Yearbook" is sponsored by Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee, Shenzhen Science and Technology Association, and "Edited and Published by Shenzhen Special Zone Science and Technology" magazine. It is a comprehensive historical document and reference book reflecting the development and changes of Shenzhen's science and technology. The Yearbook records in detail the authoritative statistics of the government in the previous year, the latest technology deployments and policies and regulations, as well as the science and technology list and technology projects, and provides practical guidelines for technology companies to create scientific and technological information for innovative enterprises and institutions. Platform.

Shenzhen Trusda Industrial Co., Ltd. has consistently adhered to the integration of production, education and research, innovation and drive, and took the road of independent research and development, strong technology and technology, and leading technology. The third session was rated as a national high-tech enterprise. The company has more than 60 patented technologies and more than 20 various technical certifications. It has passed the ISO9001--2015 international quality authority certification, BSCI international corporate social responsibility certification, and was awarded the 2017 Shenzhen Corporate Social Responsibility Samsung Unit. Enterprise management system certification such as MFI factory audit. This edition of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Yearbook highlights Trusda's technological achievements, innovation capabilities and market competitiveness.

Trusda is a professional factory dedicated to OEM/ODM for 16 years. Its main products include mobile power, mobile storage, car emergency igniter, wireless charging, power battery and so on. This edition of "Shenzhen Science and Technology Yearbook" not only demonstrates the strong qualifications of Genesis, but also highlights the leading high-tech of Trusda industry.