High efficiency, safety is fundamental

At the beginning of the new year, orange incense is brilliant. With a strong sense of the year, in the laughter and mutual blessings, we have opened the curtain for another year of "joining Trusda, a total of new achievements." Today is a good day.
On the opening of the Kyrgyzstan Day, Trusda is not only a gathering of talents, but also a source of orders. It is also the first to visit the leaders of Song Yangyang, the Nanwan Sub-district Office of Longgang District, to send blessings, care and security.

This is the day of construction on February 23, 2018 (the eighth day of the first month). At 9 o'clock, all the colleagues of Trusda concentrated in the front of the corporate background wall and the spring oranges in the same year, and participated in the New Year's Reunion and New Year Safety Production Seminar. At the meeting, the president and the assistant to the president paid tribute to all the colleagues.
The president made arrangements for the work of the company's New Year Center, emphasizing the importance of safety production and arranging the equipment and facilities inspection before the start of construction. At the same time, all the staff are required to improve their safety awareness. To "safety first prevention."

At about ten o'clock, Song Yiyang, secretary of the Party Committee of Nanwan Sub-district Office of Longgang District, Shenzhen, Li Jianwen, deputy secretary, and Zheng Zirong, director of the security supervision, visited our company to inspect and inspect the safety production of the New Year.
Secretary Song and his entourage went all out to the key parts of the office, workshop, warehouse, etc., and gave detailed guidance and attention to the safety production work of our company. The street leaders stressed that the responsibility for safety production is heavier than that of Taishan. It is necessary to tighten the string of safety production at all times, continuously improve the awareness of safety production, and grasp the work of safety production.
Parting, Song Yiyang's secretary said: "Security is the foundation of the enterprise. There are security companies with everything. I hope that you will be steady!" President Wu Xiubin said: We will never disappoint the care of the street party committee, always bear in mind the corporate mission, do not forget the responsibility of Taishan, put a good safety production, and let the leadership rest assured!

Safety production, everyone is responsible, improve safety production awareness, enhance prevention capabilities, and prevent the occurrence of safety accidents. It is the power and obligation that all employees must perform. The leadership inspection of the street office made all Trusda colleagues deeply aware of the importance of safe production, and will comprehensively implement various safety production measures in the future work to further raise awareness, refine measures and implement responsibilities.