Trusda's advanced model recognition in September

September, the autumn season, September, the fruitful season.
In the spirit of persistent pursuit of tenacity and hard work, in September, Trusda achieved remarkable results, and monthly performance reached a new high. But it is inseparable from the unity and hard work of all employees, condensed with sweat and obscurity.

Mr. Wu Xiubin, President, took a group photo with “Excellent Performance” & “Best Progress”

In order to enhance team cohesion, encourage outstanding colleagues to share successful experiences, pass positive energy, and let employees make better use of their talents to create greater value. We selected the “Outstanding Performance Award” and “Best Progress Award” in September. "The awards, the incentive business team to break through the self, give recognition, praise their hard work in the work, the performance of the top.

Outstanding Performance Award ---- Li Xi

The main outstanding performance description: September sales performance target achievement rate of 225%, personal monthly performance in the marketing center ranked first.

Best Progress Award ---- Xu Yingying

Mainly highlights the description of the results: through persistent and unremitting efforts, the order for the first order of 50W and the growth of other potential customers.

President Wu Zong presented flowers and prizes for the “Excellent Performance Award” and “Best Progress Award”. The winners shared their personal success experience, “hard work”, “persistence, hard work” and “effort”... .., these words are examples of our daily learning and are deeply implemented in our practical work.
Finally, President Wu encouraged the commended employees to work harder and continue to work hard to make new and greater contributions to the company's development. At the same time, we call on all employees of the company to take the example of the commended employees, work hard in their respective jobs, seek truth and be pragmatic, and strive for success. We hope that more people can obtain monthly awards and jointly achieve the company's performance goals!