Flying mood

In this spring time, on March 30, 2019, the company organized all members to hike Maji Mountain. Immerse yourself in the natural oxygen bar and breathe in the fresh air of nature.

At 9:00 in the morning, we arrived at Xiaomeisha Ocean Plaza. Before the mountaineering, Li Xi (Figure 1) (sales three managers) as a "warm-up teacher" intimately guides everyone to do stretching activities.

After completing several groups of muscle relaxation, Sun Haibo (Fig. 2) R & D department engineer led us as the “Director of Route” and went to the foothills of Maji Mountain.

The first feeling of walking into Mazhao Mountain is “finally away from the dust and breathing fresh air.” After walking on a long step stone road, we can gradually see the maolin in the mountains, the old trees in the vines, the heavy rafts, the vegetation is crisp and rich. . Along the way, we laughed and laughed and took pictures, but we were never tired, because the teams were scrambling to snatch our "mountain champion team" today.

We took down the stone steps and walked the Panshan Avenue. Formally entering the wading stage of the Lushan Mountain, the most difficult to conquer is the rock next to the stream, the uneven sides of the valley are lush green, and sometimes the insects in the woods on both sides are called swaying. Because it was just raining, there was some slip on the stone. At this time, our teamwork force is greatly reflected. Everyone is helping each other, climbing along the wall and heading for the destination.

Along the river trail, play with water and see the stones, both thrilling and leisurely. The crystal clear stream, the sultry mountain waterfall, properly wash away the fatigue caused by work;

After crossing the jungle, a long-distance colleague has climbed to the top of the mountain.

After crossing the jungle, a long-distance colleague has climbed to the top of the mountain.

Waiting for the opening of the meal, everyone played the "songs of the dragon" game, the low-key "Mc Pa" people stand out. While tasting the food, there is also the Taijiquan and Taiji sticks of the chief commander of the line, and the rigorous and soft posture of the taiji.
At 14:00 in the afternoon, we squat down a quick shortcut, because almost all of them are downhill, so every step is very careful. Walking on a rugged path, as if returning to a happy childhood.

On the way back, the feet were already sour and a little trembling, but when I saw the smile on my face, I was so tired that I was tired and infected.

At the morning meeting, Wu Zong awarded the 1,000 yuan red envelope reward for the first place in the mountaineering activity team. I have to say that the fourth group leader led by Cheng Zhibang (head of research and development ID designer) has excellent teamwork and athletic ability.

This activity allowed everyone to relax their body and mind. At the same time, the combination of work and rest increased the cooperation between the teams and the mutual help between colleagues. I believe that through this team activity, not only is the spirit and footsteps released, but also the distance between each other, providing a good cohesive force for the tacit cooperation in the work!

Trusda's big photo
In the future, we will go hand in hand, climb the peak, and go all the way!