Youthfulness, teamwork, and advancement

On April 4th, there was a light green tulle, dyed an elegant Fangfei, coming from the graceful and graceful charm. This is a beautiful morning, lush spring with a fascinating bird language, and the family of Genesis has left the busy work and embarked on a trip to the suburbs.
In accordance with the established plan for the company's corporate culture construction, on April 21, 2018, all employees of Shenzhen Chuangshida Industrial Co., Ltd. came to Kaixi, and arrived at the Xiyong coast in the east of Shenzhen at 9:30. After a little rest, I entered a day of development training.
This is an expansion activity that is experienced in leisure. The all-day event consists of five parts: ice-breaking, indulgent beaches, collaborative barbecues, miles of miles, and breakouts.


A casual "war", winning or losing is designed to protect the "brain." From the small country to the enterprise, the core of leadership is the foundation for ensuring the normal operation of the organization.

The coach's game rules are explained and mobilized before the war. The entire team is divided into two teams, namely, "red side" and "blue side". The attacking party wins by capturing and killing the other commander.

The defense and attack focus are all commands, and the protection of the "Commander" is the core of defense. "Blue Side" takes the multi-defense "Commander" as the strategic point, and cooperates with the impenetrable internal defense tactics to win the final victory in 15 minutes.

Indulge in the beach

Indulge in the sea and relax your mind. After the icebreaking against the live-action CS field, we came to Xichong Beach. Our partners are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and are immersed in the embrace of nature. There are beaches, islands, reefs and other sea-collected landscapes, so that every partner can forget Return to the sea and the sky! Under the blue sky or the blue sky, or on the coast, or swim in the sea, or sail near the island, or listen to the waves singing, or the beach mussels, a midfielder "indulge in the beach", the true feelings of the sea!

BBQ picnic

Time to enter the beach barbecue. On this romantic seaside, everyone is free to taste the delicious food they cook, the sumptuous barbecue dinner, and the partners chat while enjoying the infinite seascape and savoring this rare leisure...

Xiao Yan’s time is always passing by. In the afternoon, we officially entered the key projects of expansion. First, we divided into four groups. We shared the familiar partners and set the team name, slogan and team song in 8 minutes. , POSS, etc.

Zhuhang Wanli

Beads travel thousands of miles, relaying through, sending beads into the cup, many win. Rule: The beads walk in the connected pipelines "no stop, no backflow". It seems easy, it is difficult to practice! A minor mistake by any receiver will lead to a failure. The “Beads Miles” project, the Genesis team was divided into four groups in the form of competitions. After receiving the coach's brief project training, the teams selected the captain and the referee, and entered the actual defense section after 8 minutes of basic exercises. The entire game took 10 minutes. All four groups went all out, and constantly adjusted and improved, detailed corrections, after numerous attempts, efforts and failures, and finally, two groups of partners successfully passed the ball to the cup in cooperation with each other. . The first place was the Chen Hua team who scored twice.

Revelation: A whole consists of several connected cells, one work consisting of several subdivisions. The unity within the team, the review planning, goal setting, detail control, control adjustment, and error correction of the work project are the fundamental guarantee for an organization to overcome all difficulties.

Absence escape

This is a "strategic transfer", and the "deadly-dead" team, trapped on one side of the "cliff", how to break through? Li Tao and Liu Liping led the team to perform a thrilling "Crash Escape"---------

The last expansion project of this time is "The Wall Escape". Three sides of the "strong enemy" siege, 4 meters high cliff is the only hope for survival, a group of "black people" that collapsed to this point, without any climbing tools. At the critical juncture, Li Tao and Liu Liping self-recommended as the temporary and deputy commander of this "slumping" and assumed the heavy responsibility of integrating the team, pre-war exercises, personnel deployment, and commanding actual combat. There is no "rule" that is not a square, and there is no "discipline" that fails. Time to wait, 6 minutes of pre-war preparations, completed the team rectification, breakout program planning, combat post configuration, discipline setting, pre-war mobilization. A group of fighting spirits and flexible tigers appeared in front of the cliff in just six minutes. The "premium escape" began. The harsh reality is that the individual combatants are loosely disciplined, resulting in two failures in climbing, "worry losses" and self-punishment. But the team did not scold, complain, only tolerance and understanding, and after a two-minute lesson summary, began the third fight.

Finally we succeeded! The team created a record of the culminating escape "0" team development project.

The sweat of the heart, the tears of success, the scars on the main ladder, the shoulders of the deputy ladder, the arms of the rescuers, the intimate embrace, the sincere and innocent handshake, the hero who was thrown up by the "comrades of war." Converging into a fascinating picture, a scene of inspiring, let the "comrade-in-arms" complex firmly inscribed on the hearts of every teammate. At this moment, we are a family that love each other; this moment, far beyond the joy of personal success. This is the team's great creativity and the spirit of the team's success! Believe in yourself, trust the team, let everything we feel integrated into our work, improve our team, and explore a broader enterprise world, I believe that our common cause will be better tomorrow!