Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

The wheels of time show a deep trace, leaving the harvest of the golden autumn.
The bright moon conveys a deep thought and misses the reunion of the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Jinqiu Yingyue fills the palace tower, and invites you to co-create the creation of the World, we celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion!

Today is the day of family reunion. On this full moon and full moon, we are happy and busy with the Mid-Autumn Festival dinner. The balloon explosions are one after another, but we are still enjoying it and expecting the family to come and enjoy the light. .....

1 event preparation sketch

2 event site

Mr. Wu Xiubin, President, cordial greetings and encouragement to all the family members of Chuangshida, let us have more confidence in the future work, the family Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day!

3 toasting

There is still a big surprise in the reunion dinner. After eating and drinking, the joy continues. The following is the guessing riddle and the old poem filling.

4 guess riddles, ancient poems fill in the blanks

The answer to the moon is "Danggui", many of the friends have rushed correctly, and received a surprise gift "company mobile power commemorative money."
Everyone will have many thoughts of being in a foreign land and staying away from their loved ones, but we are more happy and proud to be part of a united, warm and fulfilling family of the company! Today, let us have a toast to invite the moon and to enjoy the wine. Hold the moon tonight and blend the future of the moon into the dream of moonlight like silver. The clear moonlight is like a thin warmth, infiltrated in the deep poetry. Blessing every Genesis family: Good luck and good fortune, the full moon is full of people!