October 2017 Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Fair

In the 2017 Global Sources Autumn Exhibition held at AsiaWorld-Expo, Trusda is proud to introduce a wooden special exhibition with simple booths, unique products and new products. It has attracted customers from more than 140 countries, including the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Trusda is a professional factory dedicated to OEM/ODM for 15 years. The main products include mobile power, mobile storage, adapters and car emergency igniters. During the exhibition, Trusda not only impressed customers at home and abroad, but also the professionalism, unity and passion of Trusda's team.

Trusda's products on display this time are mainly divided into regular series and new categories. The conventional series of products have unique appearances and are private models with their own styles, which not only meet the needs of different customers in different markets, but also consolidate the uniqueness of their market. At the same time, Trusda has been committed to the research and introduction of new technologies. The emerging new products are mainly based on technological innovation, and its technical parameters and functions have always been at the forefront of the industry.

Trusda not only shows customers the industry-leading technology, but also provides customers with a place to rest.

Here, Trusda solemnly promises that we will build on our first-class services and continue to provide the most competitive products.