We have been working on epidemic prevention and control

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Epidemic situation is command, prevention and control is responsibility

Due to the recent outbreak of epidemic in some areas of Shenzhen, there should be no slackness and weariness of war in the prevention and control work. We should be cautious and make persistent efforts to do a good job in various prevention and control work.

Trusda gathered at the training area of the workshop on the second floor at noon on August 15 to promote the "knowledge of epidemic prevention and control". Zhou Chaoqiang, vice president of the board of directors and Huang Yu manager of the human resources department, conducted relevant training on strengthening epidemic prevention and control.

Chuangsida's measures on strengthening epidemic prevention and control
1. Wear masks all day long;
2. The body temperature was measured four times a day;
3. Regular anti-virus in office and dormitory;
4. Employees going out on business need to take photos and punch in the wechat location of the enterprise;
5. Alcohol disinfection should be carried out in the work area every day;
6. Healthy diet, avoid buying seafood and frozen food;
7. Wash hands frequently and drink more water;
8. Reasonable exercise, strong physique;
9. People with fever and cough should rest at home;
10. Try to avoid cross provincial travel.

Everyone is responsible for epidemic prevention and control! Thank you for your understanding and support! For help, please dial the 24-hour duty number: 0755-89819161