Birthday party

How many birthdays have you had since you got into work?

Maybe in the production line of overtime
Maybe in the research and development laboratory
Maybe in a busy meeting room
Maybe on the way home to catch the bus
This special day
Unconsciously, it has been forgotten by you
So the birthday passed quietly
It doesn't matter if you forget
Because we all remember

Trusda is with you on this day!

In order to express our sincere concern for the birthday stars, the company has prepared exquisite gifts and birthday cakes for them, and their birthday costumes are full of children's feelings of ceremony.

General manager Wu Xiubin, on behalf of the company, celebrated the birthdays of the birthday in July and August together and sent his best wishes and birthday gifts.

Warm and touching birthday blessing link with happy birthday song into our hearts.

Happy songs and laughter make you happy

Let the majority of employees feel the warmth of trusda family after busy work.
Every well-organized birthday party is devoted to the cordial care of each employee and the thanks and affirmation for long-term efforts. We hope that the atmosphere of harmony, mutual encouragement and common progress will last forever, so that the corporate culture can be established and rooted in the heart of every employee and develop continuously!