Trusda's 19th anniversary

In order to have a meaningful birthday for Trusda, and to enhance the feelings between our employees and encourage us to work better to realize our self-worth, the 19th anniversary seaside development training activity was held on July 2, 2020. In the activity, we showered our enthusiasm and wisdom, which became a good memory of the growth process of Trusda.

In the past 19 years, thanks for the persistence and company of all the Trusda people. We can't live without the efforts of every partner!

In this extraordinary year of 2020, although affected by the epidemic situation, it will not defeat our life. In 2020, continue to refuel!

At 7:50 a.m. on July 2, the weather was particularly sunny. A mysterious team suddenly fell from the building of trusda of Lianchuang science and technology park. Their pink clothes were particularly bright. Who were they? Why are they here? What kind of storm will such a well-organized army set off?

The energetic smiling faces, as brilliant as the morning sun, took the bus to Xiayong, Huizhou, and started our 19th anniversary seaside training activities.

Let's pull the camera directly to the destination. We are ready to go. We have launched the attack horn towards the target! The young friends began to ride along the coast. The road was winding in the middle of the mountain, the sea was continuous at the foot of the mountain, and the scenery was beautiful. It's like looking at the sea from a God's point of view. It's totally different when you look at the beach flat in peace. All the way, laughter and laughter, but the sea is very quiet, ocean going freighters seem to be still in the sea, but there is a force in your heart.

At noon, everyone arrived at the farm. The members of each team immediately took part in the picnic. Slaughtering chicken, killing fish, burning fire, washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, division of labor and cooperation, each member of the team performs his or her own duties, which is a hot scene. After a while, the hot food is ready.

Food competition, through fierce competition, the first, second and third prizes are awarded and team prizes are given. And this meal was decided by drawing lots. Each table dedicated its own labor achievements to other members of the team, reflecting the spirit of solidarity, enterprising and selfless dedication of trusda.

Under the leadership of the chairman, all colleagues raised their glasses to celebrate trusda1's happy birthday!

After lunch, we arrived at the beautiful Xiayong Gold Coast beach. The light sea breeze came, and the white clouds were floating slowly But inexplicably mixed with some "murderous spirit", the upcoming is all kinds of team competition. The confrontation was serious, and everyone tried their best. The atmosphere was pleasant. All kinds of pictures were filled with laughter and could not contain the laughter. The scene was full of passion and endless joy.

"Trusda is the best!" This activity let us deeply know how important it is for the team to have strict organization and strong leadership. Team tolerance, resource allocation and mutual trust are also the foundation of team success!

Caterpillars embody the team spirit and overall consciousness of cooperation and mutual support


Tug of war is a strong experience for both the team and the individual

In the interesting project setting, we can feel that trusda team has the same goal and strives to make it in one place. This is not only a simple game, but also a competition of unity and cooperation. In several development projects, it has better stimulated everyone's fighting spirit and laid a good foundation for the smooth progress of the follow-up work.

General manager Wu Xiubin presented awards to the winning team and reviewed trusda's step-by-step entrepreneurial development process together with all trusda people. In recent years, trusda has gained a place in the field of small energy storage of new energy after forging ahead and accepting the baptism of heavy wind and rain in the market. In the second half of 2020, we will break through the performance and present to the 20th anniversary of next year.

The general manager said that on the occasion of the 19th anniversary of the establishment of the company, I wish trusda a happy birthday, which will lead trusda to create more brilliance in the fierce market competition!

In the 19 years of extraordinary years, great achievements have been made. July 1 is the 99 year old birthday of the great Communist Party, and on July 2, trusda's 9th anniversary celebration is ushered in. On such a special day, the air is filled with the taste of happiness!

Chairman Zhou hanpeng pointed out that trusda was founded 19 years ago today, and we are determined to become a century old store with an evergreen foundation. The main board will be listed in five years, in line with international standards. Trusda's success is inseparable from the silent efforts of all trusda people. "Integrity, innovation, win-win and excellence" are the unchanging core values of trusda. It is proposed that all trusda people should always adhere to their original intention, develop together and make progress together.

Later, the chairman invited the vice presidents and directors of all departments to come to the stage to celebrate together, share the sweet moment and make good wishes together. Colleagues enjoy themselves, share the cake and send their blessings, we grow together and create brilliance together.

Trusda, we, keep going! The anniversary is not only a milestone of the enterprise, but also a new starting point. In the next N years, we will work hard and make progress with our original intention and dream! Make a new chapter in the new journey!