Trusda industrial fire drill to prevent "fire", we are serious!

In order to strengthen the fire safety, improve the fire awareness, enhance the staff's self-protection ability and emergency response ability in case of emergency, so that everyone can master certain basic knowledge of fire control, Shenzhen Trusda Industrial Co., Ltd. specially organized a fire safety training and emergency fire drill. We must attach great importance to safety from the aspects of thought and action Master the daily fire escape skills, and be able to evacuate to the safe area in a timely and orderly manner in case of sudden fire, so as to ensure life safety and minimize the loss and negative impact of fire accidents.

The company has always attached great importance to the work of fire safety production, and held safety training and fire drill every year. This time, deputy general manager Zhou Chaoqiang and the leaders of the company took the lead. There were general commander, on-site commander, fire alarm group, fire-fighting group, communication and liaison group, evacuation Guidance Group, safety protection and rescue group, logistics support group and other organizations to achieve a clear division of labor Yes, the responsibilities are clear. First of all, the fire emergency drill is to carry out centralized safety knowledge training in the workshop. The training is explained by Wu Zaixin, safety director of human resources department. It is vivid and interesting combining with cases and practical operation. After receiving the notice to start the emergency plan, the drill adjusted the original plan, and started the alarm ring in advance when all the staff were training without preparation. Fire group, the fastest speed to reach the fire point, to put out the fire. When all the personnel escape drill, they heard the sound of the sound. When they found the fire, they quickly covered their mouth and nose with wet towel or handkerchief, and fled to the emergency exit in a low position. During the drill, with the guidance and help of the staff, the escape was basically completed in less than two minutes. However, the whole process is not orderly, and the evacuation is orderly, and all links need to be strengthened, especially in the evacuation of personnel. After the drill, director Li Tao of Shusan group reviewed the deficiencies of this activity and summarized the direction of follow-up improvement. The special guest, director of security of Lianchuang science and Technology Park, pointed out that every disaster happens when we are unaware of the lack of defense, and we should be careful. The fire fighting team explained the fire safety emergency operation and fire escape skills for the staff, taught everyone what to do in case of fire, how to correctly alarm, put out and evacuate, and how to self rescue and escape. And teach everyone how to use fire extinguisher on site, and let everyone demonstrate on site, try one by one, let colleagues participate in and experience the actual operation.

Finally, deputy general manager Zhou Chaoqiang, chief commander of safety, made a general comment on the fire drill and gave certain affirmation to the drill results. In particular, he pointed out the problem points of this activity and explained in particular that in case of fire, local materials must be used. All fire organization personnel should do their own work well and complete the tasks according to the specifications. In particular, the evacuation guidance group should act according to circumstances and take the drill seriously. At the same time, I thank you for your active practice and cooperation, and praise for such an excellent team as chuangshida. I also sincerely feel relieved and relieved!

After the drill, the relevant staff were organized to conduct a drill review meeting. This activity basically achieved the purpose of the drill from the preparatory meeting to the full staff training, to the drill practice and then to the summary and review. Through the fire drill in recent years, Shenzhen Trusda Industrial Co., Ltd., in case of fire, all departments can handle the fire calmly and orderly according to the "emergency plan for enterprise fire disposal" and the fire emergency plan, master the emergency action procedures and evacuation routes in case of fire, timely convey information and quickly organize personnel evacuation. We are also confident and determined to ensure the company's success Staff safety.

Knowledge points
The use of fire extinguisher is popular
The use of escape masks is popular
The usage of fire hydrant is small and popular

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